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Contact with our team. You should receive a call back from our team within 3 working days.:

Our team will be in touch to ask some questions about your business and to understand what you are wanting to achieve. Again, it is still free and no obligation. You do not have to answer anything you are not comfortable in answering. We are just trying to understand your business and situation so that we can make the right match to the right investor. 

Step 3

Connect with investor:

Should one or more of our investors be interested in your business, we will connect you with them. At this point any further conversations and dealings is between you and them. Our role is simply to match make.

Step 4

Interest from Investor:

We are excited to make the introduction that hopefully leads to an investor making you a great offer!

Step 4 (alternative)

Not connected with investor:

If our investors are not interested in buying your business at this time, our team will let you know and provide you with some alternative options, that should be helpful to you.

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Who are we?

Business Buyers Group represent a group of New Zealand based professionals who are growing and expanding, all with a keen interest in buying and developing New Zealand businesses. We don’t put your business on the open market, all information provided to us is completely confidential. We would like to get to know your business and if it’s of interest to our investors, we simply connect you to them. You can always try us out first, and if nothing comes of it, then utilise a business broker to take your business to the open market afterwards. We can point you in the right direction for great brokers to communicate with if this is the case.

Starting with just a phone call we will liaise with you confidentially. Many people ask about investors motivation to buy. Our investor group want to buy for various reasons – The desire to grow, business development, investment etc.

If you have a business that you are looking to put on the market, please contact us and we will be in touch with you within 2 working days.

Why business

buyers Group?


Save Money

Anyone who’s sold a business knows it’s an expensive process. Of course, there’s tens of thousands of dollars lost to brokers’ fees, but there’s also the fees you have to pay for things like:

•    Marketing
•    Advertising
•    Photography
•    Site visits

Let’s see if we have an investor interested in your business and you can save money on all of these things.


Save Time

As well as the huge costs of selling a business, there’s also the price you pay in terms of the lost time it takes to complete the sales process. First you have to lock yourself into a brokers’ agreement, then you have to wait to see if the marketing attracts people to show interest in your business, as well as, going through the stress of site visits or fielding calls from prospective new owners.

All this and your business may not sell. Get in touch with Business Buyers Group today we could save you all this wasted time.


Save yourself the stress of selling publicly in a difficult environment

The current business climate means that it is fast becoming a buyers’ market. This means buyers are putting pressure on sellers to drop prices, undertake changes to the business or offer unreasonable incentives.

Save yourself the stress of listing your business publicly and negotiating in this difficult environment. We guarantee complete confidentiality.

Get in touch with Business Buyers Group today, and expect us to get in touch about your enquiry within 2 working days.

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